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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for Nurse Certificate Course

CICC's Intensive Care Unit Program is a 700-hour training program approved by MTCU that comprises of two major components: (1) Classroom and (2) Laboratory.

This program provides the students a strong foundation in the advanced acute care where  students learn how to manage the care of critically ill patients. Integrated in the course are basic-advanced pharmacology, advanced pathophysiology and advanced physical assessment. Diseases commonly encounter in the ICU will be presented, discussed and explored.​


Laboratory Component compliments the theoretical knowledge. Students are given ample time and opportunity to master advanced physical assessment in a life-sized mannequin and other nursing skills commonly performed in ICU.

Program Goal:​

CICC’s training course is designed to help students acquire advanced knowledge and develop skills necessary in the caring of the critically ill patients.


Career Outcomes:

Job opportunities in ICU, ER, step down unit and other acute care settings.

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